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Happy New Year from Symmetry Software!

In large part thanks to our valued partners and friends such as yourself, Symmetry Software roared through 2021 embracing remote work and distributed teams and getting to know our clients better through the tiny squares on our Zoom screens.

We connected individually with many of our clients following the announcement of Symmetry joining Gusto, and through these meaningful and honest conversations, we doubled down on our commitment to our clients and to building the world's best payroll infrastructure technology. Our aim as we look towards 2022 is to accelerate our product roadmap and continue striving towards our vision of powering every paycheck in America.

On behalf of all of us at Symmetry Software, we wish you happiness, health, and payroll compliance in the coming year. Best regards and our best wishes for 2022!

Staying on Track in 2022

At Symmetry Software, we know that keeping up with essential deadlines can feel overwhelming at times. Get all of these important deadlines, federal holidays, and employee appreciation days listed in one place!

Monday, January 17th - Federal Holiday: Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Monday, January 31st - Deadline for employers to distribute W-2 Forms

Monday, February 21st - Federal Holiday: President's Day

Friday, March 5th - National Employee Appreciation Day

For more important payroll dates, download our 2022 Payroll Calendar!

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Phoenix Business Journal's Best Places to Work 2021

It’s been an amazing year for Symmetry Software! We’re honored to be named as one of Inc. Magazine's 2021 Best Workplaces and as one of Phoenix Business Journal’s 2021 Best Places to Work

"At Symmetry Software, we believe that the workplace culture of the future will be focused on ensuring that employees have a strong sense of purpose in their work, have psychological safety in their daily interactions at work, and work more collaboratively than before," says Symmetry Software CEO Elizabeth Oviedo.

Learn more about Symmetry's leadership, culture, and our focus on enriching the lives of our employees in our article, Symmetry Software Named as One of Inc.'s 2021 Best Workplaces.

NEW Symmetry Payroll Guide: Benefits

Fringe benefits are a type of compensation a company may offer to an employee or person performing services for the company. Fringe benefits are often an excellent resource for recruiting top job candidates and motivating employees when the labor market has many job openings and few candidates. When fringe benefits apply to someone that is not an employee but performed services for your company, this can include independent contractors, partners, and others performing services for the company.

Read the Benefits Guide

Top Payroll Tax Insights of 2021

As the year came to a close, many businesses reflected on the events and topics that 2021 brought to their attention. At Symmetry Software, we aim to provide information, resources, and tools to help make doing payroll easier, more secure, and accurate for employers and employees. From our Payroll Insights page on the Symmetry Software website to our social media platforms, we have shared information relevant to five categories: Payroll, Compliance, Human Resources, Technology, and news about Symmetry Software

4 Common Payroll Problems the Symmetry Tax Engine Solves

Payroll is a significant part of any business. Ensuring employees are paid promptly and accurately is expected, and problems arise when those two criteria are not met. Employee morale begins to drop, and fines may start to roll in. 

Manual or older ways to perform payroll services have many challenges businesses are looking to resolve. These challenges may include: 

  • Tax Compliance
  • Consistency and Accuracy
  • Remote Work
  • Building a Payroll System

The Symmetry Tax Engine not only helps to solve the issues of tax compliance, consistency and accuracy, remote work and, outdated payroll solutions, but it also provides customers with a knowledgeable team of taxation experts and software engineers to support timely and accurate updates to the tax engine.

Where's My W-2?!

As the deadline to file your individual tax returns quickly approaches, make sure you are prepared with all necessary documents. If you don't have your Form W-2, you should know how to find it!

Your employer or payer is required to mail you your Form W-2 by January 31. If January 31 falls on a weekend or federal holiday, they have until the following business day to take action. If your employer or payer gave you the option to receive your Form W-2 electronically, the form should be posted in the portal or received by January 31. You could receive an email notification from the portal that your W-2 is prepared, but make sure it is a legitimate email and not a W-2 phishing scam before entering any information!

Onboarding in a Remote Work Environment

Making sure new hires feel connected to the company and individuals has always been important during a new hire process. However, when hiring in a remote work environment, it may be difficult for a new hire to understand specific procedures and how the company functions as a whole when they can't see the actual people in the office. 

Look at it this way: when a new hire walks into a physical office space, they can see which employees are going into meetings together, catching up for a quick chat, and who is often busiest. Being in the office with other employees helps a new hire understand the teams and who may be the best and most available to ask a quick question. Anyone involved in setting up the onboarding process for a new hire must know the best ways to help them in a remote environment!

Symmetry Software Announces New UI & API for Symmetry Payroll Point

Symmetry Software is excited to announce we have launched an updated and modernized version of our world-class local tax finder, Symmetry Payroll Point.

Symmetry Payroll Point is the leading local tax withholding software in the payroll tax compliance industry. 

The new version of Symmetry Payroll Point includes a RESTful API and Portal that provides clients with an optimized user experience. The new features allow clients to perform more tasks autonomously and rely on more powerful geospatial tax visualization. 

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More Payroll Tax Insights

Social Security Announces Increase for 2022

By 2022, Cost-of-Living Adjustment will increase Social Security and Supplemental Security Income benefits by 5.9 percent to ensure that inflation does not erode the purchasing power of these benefits.

Florida Reemployment Rates Experience Delay in 2022

According to the Florida Department of Revenue, Florida is expected to experience delays in the calculation and issuance of the 2022 reemployment tax rates notices. This is due to specified benefit change information used to resolve the rates. 

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